Layla Mattress Review – One Mattress, Double the Pleasure

How do you like your bed – soft or firm? With Layla, you don’t have to choose! The memory foam mattress is flippable—meaning you can switch to whatever side meets your needs. This is the epitome of versatility as far as bed-in-a-box mattresses are concerned.

The manufacturers take their innovativeness up a notch by infusing copper into the memory foam—on both sides of the mattress. The idea is to facilitate pressure relief and prevent heat retention. Read on for a rundown of everything you need to know about Layla mattress. Is it the best bed-in-a-box mattress for your sleeping needs? Or not?

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Layla Mattress Construction – Layers and Material

First things first; what’s the make-up of Layla?

Layla is a relatively colossal 10-inch all-foam mattress. As mentioned earlier, its construction is rather unique as it’s a double-sided mattress. Depending on how you place it, the layering may differ—along with the firmness/support. Assuming the mattress is placed soft-side-up, here are the layers of the Layla:

Thick Polyester Blend Cover: Layla comes wrapped in a removable soft cover made of polyester, lycra, and viscose—infused with a proprietary ThermoGel cooling agent. The cover is quite plush and noticeably cooler than a typical mattress. The geometric grey pattern is also a nice aesthetic touch by Layla.

Copper-infused Memory Foam (3-inch): Underneath the cover—on the soft side—is a 3-inch layer of copper-infused memory foam. As an efficient heat conductor and antimicrobial, the copper helps regulate temperature while keeping your bed germ free, respectively.

Convoluted Poly Foam (2-inch): This is more of the transition layer that’s designed to separate the soft and firmer materials below. It also helps prevent deep sinking in the memory foam.

High-Density Poly Foam (4.5-inch): On the other side of the Layla is a 4.5-inch layer of high-density polyfoam. It acts as the foundation and offers the main support for sleepers.

Copper-Infused Memory Foam (1-inch): This is the same as the layer on the upper side—only smaller (1 inch). It provides comfort and contouring when the mattress is flipped to the firmer side.

It’s worth noting that all foams used in Layla’s construction are certified by CertiPUR-US—meaning the mattress was tested for heavy metal and hazardous chemicals such as mercury, lead, ozone depleters, and formaldehyde.

Feel and Firmness

Mattress firmness is a highly subjective measure. It often depends on the size, shape, and weight of the person. But on average, the firmness/support levels are:

Softer Side – Level 5: The 3-inch copper-infused memory foam feels like an airy hug that contours around your lower back, hips, and shoulders. This firmness level is ideal for side sleepers and users looking for deep pressure relief.

Firmer Side – level 7: Flipping the mattress from the softer side elucidates a whole nother experience. The bed is noticeably supportive—with an “on top of the bed” feeling. This may work for back sleepers and heavy individuals who need firm support.

Layla Mattress Performance

While firmness/support is a major determinant of a user’s buying decision, other factors come into play. They include:

Pressure Relief: Memory foam has a decent rapport for its superior pressure relief—and Layla does not disappoint. For side sleepers, the soft side of the mattress cradles your body – hence alleviating tension in the lower back, hips, and shoulders. The firm side supports the spine by keeping the hips aligned to the shoulders.

Motion Transfer: Motion transfer looks at the amount of movement that can be detected from one side of the mattress to the other. This is mostly relevant for couples and users who share a bed. Layla’s thick top layer absorbs motion and distributes it evenly across the bed’s surface.

Cooling: All-foam mattresses are typically known for their lackluster cooling capabilities – i.e., they tend to retain heat. However, Layla seems to have discovered a workaround the drawback. With the help of the ThermoGel-infused cover and the copper-infused memory foam, the bed-in-a-box draws heat away from the sleeper.

Edge Support: Strictly speaking, Layla disappoints when it comes to edge support—not that we expected anything more from an all-foam mattress. Although the firmer side does not collapse as much, you’re likely to roll-off is your approach the edge.

Durability: The construct is solid and high-quality—meaning the mattress can be your sleep companion for up to 10 years.

Off-Gassing: Although the Layla had some off-gassing straight out of the box, it dissipated in a few hours.

Noise: Like any other all-foam mattress, the Layla is as quiet as they come. Noise issues are reserved for innerspring or hybrid mattresses.

Layla Mattress Prices, Shipping, and Warranty

Layla offers free shipping in 1-3 days to the lower 48 U.S. states. Buyers also get to enjoy a 120-night money-back guarantee on top of a lifetime warranty. If this doesn’t signify the company’s confidence in their products, we don’t know what does. And if you return the mattress for whatever reason, you get to keep two pillows as a complementary feature.

Pros and Cons of Layla Bed-in-a-Box

All in all, the Layla mattress is a great choice for users who appreciate good pressure relief. Coupled with the lifetime warranty, double sides, innovative technology, and durability, the bed offers long-term value at a relatively affordable price.

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